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            Honors Societies and Organizations

            Accounting Club

            Promotes career activities and opportunities in accounting, prepares students for the business environment with an ethical focus and develops camaraderie with other accounting students. Activities include visiting accounting professionals, field trips, tutoring opportunities and encouragement to participate in professional organizations’ student events and programs.

            -Contact Accounting Club sponsor Steve Gustafson for more information.

            Active Minds

            The purpose of this organization is to promote mental illness awareness. We foster a safe and comfortable environment for the student body when it comes to the topic of mental illness. In addition, this organization helps cut the tension between mental illness.

            -Contact Active Minds sponsor Emily Blackford for more information.

            The Association of Black Collegians’ goal is to aid and support the African American student body at Missouri Baptist University. The organization seeks to develop and cultivate a culture of diversity that encourages academic excellence, social responsibility, and academic success through an ongoing network of collegiate fellowship and mentoring. As a part of the MBU body, we invite collaborations and coordination with other cultures and organizations. Download Application

            -Contact ABC sponsor Alonzo Medcalf for more information.

            Spartans for Life (SFL)

            Spartans for Life’s mission is to inform our campus community about the rights of the pre-born and the availability of life-affirming resources, while providing students with opportunities to actively promote life in the culture. We hold meetings once a month, and several times throughout each semester SFL organizes community service opportunities, including partnering with Coalition for Life during their 40 Days for Life campaign.

            -Contact SFL Sponsor Curtis McClain for more information.

            Is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. There are more than 12,600 members in 17 nations; CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. Our goal is to make a difference in the St. Louis community and the MBU community! Circle K International’s focus is to impact students and their community through the building of service and leadership skills, as well as fellowship amongst members. Our service focuses on helping children in our community through volunteer work and fundraising.

            -Contact Circle K International sponsor Ashlee Johnson for more information.

            MBU Outdoors empowers students to explore outside, grow in community, pursue passions, stay active without being competitive, and experience God in his creation.

            -Contact MBU Outdoors President Patrick Griffey for more information.

            Exercise is Medicine

            Exercise is Medicine is an organization founded by exercise science students, that strives to educate people about the benefits of physical activity, and encourages people to take part in more activity daily. It seeks to get more people involved in exercise while also making it fun!

            -Contact Exercise is Medicine President Sarah Bolton for more information.

            MBU Cine”mates”

            Cine”mates” is a group on campus that aims to connect commuters and residents, athletes and non-athletes, Christians and non-Christians to create a better sense of community on campus. We go as a group to watch movies together, and everyone is welcome!

            -Contact Cine”mates” President Joseph Link for more information.

            Offers Missouri Baptist University women a place in a growing legacy dedicated to the enhancement of the college experience through personal-professional growth, academic success, and social responsibility. GDS commits to fostering future leaders through Spartan athletic activities, philanthropic activities, and the unity of the sisterhood. ΓΔΣ: Strength through Sisterhood!

            -Contact Gamma Delta Sigma for more information.

            MBU Hive

            MBU Hive seeks to spread awareness of the endangered species of bees and teach students the importance of these creatures in our communities. MBU Hive is comprised of students from all areas of life from athletes to theatre majors to bee-lovers and bee-fearers. So come on by the Perk on Thursday afternoons at 4:30 p.m. for 10 minutes or so to get to know a little bit more about the great pollinators of the earth!

            -Contact MBU Hive President Hannah Chaney for more information.

            MBU Nature

            The purpose of this group is to provide hands-on nature-related learning opportunities. Students interested in practices that sustain the environment work together in activities such as planting a garden or participating in the city nature challenge. The club offers avenues to be outside and work towards activities that have practical benefit to our community and the environment. We want to give students the opportunity to engage in projects that will enable them to practice environmental stewardship and enjoy learning outside the classroom.

            -Contact MBU Nature sponsor Dr. Shayani Pieris for more information.

            Provides students who are going into the ministry with a group that is visible on campus, active in service, and supportive of their call. Students can further their walk with students around them and with God as we study the Bible, fellowship with one another, and serve together. Any student, regardless of degree program, interested in serving in any capacity of ministry is welcome and encouraged to join.

            -Contact MA Sponsor Matthew Easter for more information.

            National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

            The National Association for Music Education – Collegiate (NAfME-C) chapter of MBU is an organization that provides student interested in music education with opportunities for professional development, teaching experience, networking, and building a professional community in the music education program at MBU. NAfME-C is open to all students.

            -Contact NAfME Sponsor Dr. Ladd Faszold for more information.

            Pre-Healthcare Professionals club’s purpose is to help prepare students for their post undergraduate studies by helping plan for the medical school admissions process, to provide an atmosphere of knowledge and sharing, to promote humanitarian actions, and to facilitate social and academic networks.

            -Contact Pre-Healthcare Professionals sponsor Amber Pyatt for more information.

            Spartan Wall is Missouri Baptist University’s student-led spirit section whose mission is to cultivate an atmosphere at athletic events like no other. Spartan Wall will lead the charge of student spirit, involvement, and athletic pride. Membership includes a “Pack the Petty” T-Shirt, a 2019 – 山东11选5走势图 Spartan Wall T-Shirt, free access to all athletic events, and exclusive offers. Join today and cheer on your Spartans!

            -Contact Spartan Wall president Carter Kennedy for more information.


            Is a pre-professional organization composed of education students and others interested in a career in teaching. The chapter provides its members with opportunities for professional growth, developing leadership skills, understanding the teaching profession and participating in professional activities at local and state levels.

            -Contact S-MSTA sponsors Dr. Susan Hladky and Dr. Bridgett Niedringhaus for more information.

            Establishes student organizations, aids students in their involvement in those organizations and advocates the concerns of the student body to university administration. The SGA also has a budget to help fund activities for those organizations that regularly attend meetings. Meetings are held Thursdays, after chapel, in the conference room on the bottom floor of the Field Building.

            -Contact SGA sponsor Lara Hines for more information.

            Honors Societies

            ALPHA CHI

            Is a coeducational honor society that promotes and honors academic excellence and exemplary character among university students. Members are students from all academic disciplines who comprise the top 10 percent of the junior and the senior classes.
            -Contact Alpha Chi sponsor Dr. Curtis McClain for more information.

            KAPPA DELTA PI

            Is an international education honor society comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty and administrators, classroom teachers, school administrators, retired educators and honorary members. Kappa Delta Pi strives to promote excellence, recognize honor students and acknowledge outstanding contributions to education. The MBU chapter is open to highly achieving students planning careers in the field of education.

            -Contact Kappa Delta Pi sponsor Dr. Mary Ann Bouas for more information.

            KAPPA OMICRON NU

            Is the National Honor Society for the Human Sciences, promotes empowered leaders who use an integrative approach to enhance quality of living through excellence in scholarship, leadership, and research. The Collegiate category of membership includes undergraduate and graduate students duly enrolled in an institution represented by an active chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu. Undergraduate students shall have declared a major in family and consumer sciences or one of the specializations in the human sciences, have completed 45 semester hours or equivalent, and rank in the top 25% of their class in the unit. Graduate students shall be enrolled in a graduate program in family and consumer sciences or one of the specializations in the human sciences, have completed 12 semester hours of graduate work or equivalent, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Any chapter, at its discretion, may establish higher collegiate eligibility criteria. The Human Sciences are those fields committed to improving social justice and developing more desirable relations in communities, organizations, and the wider society for the benefit of all. Fields include (but are not limited to) athletic training, exercise science, family and consumer sciences, food science and human nutrition, health sciences, kinesiology, and wellness.

            -Contact Kappa Omicron Nu sponsor Dr. Michael Nolan for more information.

            SIGMA TAU DELTA

            Is an international English honor society. It recognizes honor students in English majors and minors and supports the study of humanities with attention to sincerity, truth and design. The lifetime fee on the international level is $25. The Psi Psi chapter at MBU charges an additional fee of $5. Sigma Tau Delta publishes Cantos, a literary magazine comprised of work from students, faculty and staff.

            -Contact Sigma Tau Delta sponsor Dr. Julie Ooms for more information.

            SIGMA ZETA

            is a national, undergraduate honor society with the purpose to encourage and foster scholarly activity and recognize academic scholarship in the natural and computer sciences and mathematics. To be eligible for membership, students must have a major in the natural sciences or mathematics, have junior/senior standing, with an overall GPA of 3.5.

            -Contact Sigma Zeta sponsors Dr. Mary Vedamuthu and Dr. Andrew Elvington for more information.