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            North Hall Women's Dorm

            Community is key at North Hall. Residents socialize in the centralized lobby, which features large-screen televisions, a pool table, ping-pong table and games. For studying, North Hall offers a computer lab, WiFi access and a separate quiet lounge. The rooms are among the largest dorm rooms in the state of Missouri and are suite-style. Two or three students will share a bedroom with access to a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom. Each furnished room also includes use of the free laundry facilities.

            North Hall Floor Plan

            Pillsbury Huff Men’s Dorm

            Whether it is late night jam sessions, study groups or a bunch of guys shooting hoops, there is always something going on at Pillsbury Huff. The center of this dorm is a lounge with areas to study, a ping-pong table, television, games and more for all residents to use. With Pillsbury Huff’s suite-style design, each furnished room will house two or three students with a bathroom in each suite. A computer lab and quiet areas for study give students a way to balance school work and play. Residents may utilize the free laundry facilities and Wifi, while being only steps away from the University’s state-of-the-art fitness center.
            From Bible study to basketball, students will find a vibrant community in Pillsbury Huff.

            Pillsbury-Huff Floor Plan

            Spartan Village Row

            A hybrid between a traditional dorm style facility and an apartment, there are two students per bedroom and four per bathroom similar to the dorms. Each floor has a shared living room and full kitchen. Each living room has a flat screen TV, WiFi, living room furniture and dining room table. The bedrooms have extra long twin beds, desks, desk chairs, and wardrobes. The Row is available to returning and new students.

            Spartan Village Row Floor Plan

            Spartan Village Apartments

            Combining independence and convenience, the Spartan Village Apartments are an exciting residence for upperclassmen that have lived in MBU housing for a minimum of one semester and maintained a GPA of 2.5. Students experience living in an apartment with private rooms and a kitchen with the convenience of walking to class.

            Amenities in the apartments include a flat-screen television, WiFi, and access to free laundry facilities. Students can host late-night study sessions, lead Bible studies in the apartments or chat on the attached patios or balconies. The private rooms allow students to study in a quiet atmosphere and then join in on the fun in the kitchen and living room.

            In the Spartan Village Apartments, students enjoy the perks of living in an apartment, yet still enjoy the full advantage of living on campus.

            Spartan Village Apartments Floor Plan

            Spartan Village South

            Built in 2016, the Spartan Village South offers the convenience of being close to main campus while providing a traditional housing experience. Two students will share a bedroom and private bathroom. A lobby and laundry room are located in the lowest level of each building and a quiet study lounge located on the third floor. Each bedroom is furnished with an extra long twin bed, desk with desk chair and wardrobe for each student.

            Spartan Village South Floor Plan

            山东11选5走势图-21 Housing Prices

            (Housing Prices Per Semester)
            Dorm Room Deposit/Damage Fee, $270
            Apt Room Deposit/Damage Fee, $415

            Pillsbury-Huff & North Hall
            Dorm Room & Board 19 meal plan, $4,727
            Dorm Room & Board 15 meal plan, $4,613

            Spartan Village Row
            Room and Board (19 meal plan) $5,817
            Room and Board (15 meal plan) $5,702
            Room and Board (10 meal plan) $5,556

            Spartan Village South
            Room and Board (19 meal plan) $5,275
            Room and Board (15 meal plan) $5,160

            Spartan Village Apartments
            On-Campus Apartment 19 meal plan, $6,671
            On-Campus Apartment 15 meal plan, $6,562
            On-Campus Apartment 10 meal plan, $6,406
            On-Campus Apartment 75 meal block, $5,551