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            How to Apply

            To apply for admission to the Graduate Studies program at Missouri Baptist University, please submit the following:

            • Completed application for admission
            • $35 application fee. This fee is waived if you apply online.
            • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges, universities, and post-secondary institutions (this includes any courses posted as transfer credits from other institutions). Transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution via mail or electronic delivery. Institutions may submit electronically submitted transcripts to: graduateadmissions@. These are the only transcripts that will be accepted as official. Any transcript received by fax, by mail from a student, or hand-delivered cannot be accepted as an official copy even if the transcript is unopened and marked official. Transcripts marked “Issued to Student” will not be accepted as official.
              Mail Transcripts to:
              Graduate Admissions
              1 College Park Drive
              St. Louis, MO 63141
            • Letter of recommendation from an employer or professional in your chosen field. IMPORTANT NOTE: Christian Ministry applicants must request and submit an additional letter of recommendation from a pastor. Counseling applicants must request and submit 3 letters of recommendation from an employer or professional in the field. You can submit the letters of recommendation to graduateadmissions@.
            • Professional statement (an essay of approximately 900 words or two pages double spaced explaining what you have done professionally up to this point, why you have chosen your professional field, and what professional plans you have for using your degree or certification when you have completed your course of study). IMPORTANT NOTE: Counseling applicants must follow the prompt below.
              • Write and submit an original, double-spaced 1000 word essay that will be reviewed for content and will be used to assess your written communication skills. Please answer the following prompts in your writing:
                • As a CACREP aligned program, we strive to provide the community with leaders who are ethical, socially just, and culturally competent. After reflecting on this vision statement, please answer:
                  • What previous experiences (please include personal, professional, academic, and/or any leadership roles) have led you to pursue a master’s degree in counseling, specifically the program at Missouri Baptist University?
                  • What are your professional goals, and how do you see your goals aligned with the vision of the MBU counseling program described above? How do you plan on carrying these professional goals forward to be a leader in your community and profession?
                • The Counseling Program is both academically and emotionally rigorous. What challenges, if any, do you foresee encountering during your studies? What forms of support will you use to meet those challenges?
            • Christian Ministry applicants must submit a 5-7 sentence statement of faith that summarizes their core beliefs
            • Christian Ministry applicants must submit a spiritual autobiography. One page (double-spaced) is sufficient.
            • A copy of Missouri certification is required for MEA and Ed.S. applicants only.
            • The doctoral office will require additional application materials. The requirements will be communicated upon receipt of application.
            • Interviews are required for counseling applicants and doctoral applicants. Interviews can be scheduled after all supporting application items are received.
            • Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.
            • *Students graduating from Missouri Baptist University’s undergraduate, masters’ or specialist programs do not need to resubmit transcripts that are already on file.

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