Missouri Baptist University 2019-山东11选5走势图 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 12, 山东11选5走势图  
Missouri Baptist University 2019-山东11选5走势图 Undergraduate Catalog

University Academic Calendar

For course dates see term calendars following the academic calendar

Fall Semester 2019

Fall Pre-Registration Ends 8/09
Fall Regular Registration 8/12-16
Fall Faculty Conference 8/14-17
Welcome山东11选5走势图 Weekend Events 8/16-18
Residence Halls Open 8/17
Fall Semester Begins 8/19
Fall Semester Late Registration Begins 8/19
Labor Day Holiday (No Classes/Offices Closed) 9/02
Last Day for Students Finishing Certificate/Degree Requirements During Fall Semester/Winterim to Complete the Application for Graduation Process 9/27
Fall Semester Mid-Term 10/10-11
Assessment/In-Service Day (No Day Classes for Main Campus Day Students) (Proficiency Profile, CPCE, & MFT except MBA) 10/09
Assessment Day (No Evening Classes) (Evening Only Students/All Sites) (Proficiency Profile, CPCE, & MFT except MBA) 10/15
Thanksgiving Break (No Classes/Offices Closed) 11/27-12/1
Summer Pre-Registration Begins 12/2
Final Exams for Fall Semester Day Classes 12/10-13
Spring Semester Pre-Registration Ends 12/13
Residence Halls Close, 5:00pm 12/13
MBA Exit Examination, Fall Graduates 12/14
Fall Degree Conferrals 12/14

Winterim 2019

Winterim Regular Registration 12/06-13
Christmas Break (Offices Closed) 12/19-1/1
Winter Degree Conferrals 1/4

Spring Semester 山东11选5走势图

Spring Semester Regular Registration 1/2-3
Spring Faculty Conference 1/3-4
Residence Halls Open, 3:00pm 1/5
Spring Semester Begins 1/6
Spring Semester Late Registration Begins 1/6
Martin Luther King Day (No Semester Day Classes/8-week Classes Will Meet/Offices Closed) 1/20
Last Day for Student Finishing Certificate/Degree Requirements During Spring Semester or Summer to Complete the Application for Graduation Process 1/24
Assessment/In-Service Day (No Day Classes for Main Campus Day Students) (Proficiency Profile, CPCE, & MFT except MBA) 2/19
Spring Semester Mid-Term 2/20-21
Assessment Day (Evening Classes DO Meet) (Evening Only Students/All Sites) (Proficiency Profile, CPCE, & MFT except MBA) 2/25
Spring Break (No Semester Day Classes/8-Week Classes Will Meet/Offices Closed) 3/09-15
Fall/Spring Semester Pre-Registration Begins 3/16
Easter Recess (No Semester Day Classes/8-Week Classes Will Meet) 4/10-12
Final Exams for Spring Semester Day Classes 4/21-24
Residence Halls Close, 5:00pm 4/24
MBA Exit Examination, Spring Graduates 4/25
Spring Degree Conferrals 4/25
Commencement Exercises, 7:00pm, Family Arena, St. Charles, Missouri 4/28

Summer Terms 山东11选5走势图

Memorial Day Holiday (1st 8-Week Classes Meet/Offices Closed) 5/25
Independence Day Holiday (2nd 8-Week Classes Meet/Offices Closed) 7/03
Summer Degree Conferrals 8/15

Doctoral Term Dates 2019-山东11选5走势图

Fall Quarter 9/16-12/14
Winter Quarter 1/06-3/28
Spring Quarter 3/30-6/20
Summer Quarter 6/22-9/12

Term Calendars

Fall 2019 Start Date Last Date to Add/Drop Last Date to Withdraw with W End Date
15-Week Classes 08/19/2019 08/30/2019 11/08/2019 12/13/2019
15-Week Online Classes 08/19/2019 08/25/2019 11/10/2019 12/14/2019
12-Week Classes 08/19/2019 08/23/2019 10/20/2019 11/08/2019
1st 8-Week Online Classes 08/19/2019 08/25/2019 09/22/2019 10/12/2019
1st 8-Week Monday Classes 08/19/2019 08/26/2019 09/23/2019 10/14/2019
1st 8-Week Tuesday Classes 08/20/2019 08/27/2019 09/24/2019 10/08/2019
1st 8-Week Wednesday Classes 08/21/2019 08/28/2019 09/25/2019 10/09/2019
1st 8-Week Thursday Classes 08/22/2019 08/29/2019 09/26/2019 10/10/2019
1st 8-Week Friday Classes 08/23/2019 08/30/2019 09/27/2019 10/11/2019
1st 8-Week Saturday Classes 08/24/2019 08/31/2019 09/28/2019 10/12/2019
Fall Doctoral Quarter 09/16/2019 09/20/2019 11/17/2019 12/14/2019
2nd 8-Week Wednesday Classes 10/16/2019 10/23/2019 11/27/2019 12/11/2019
2nd 8-Week Thursday Classes 10/17/2019 10/24/2019 11/28/2019 12/12/2019
2nd 8-Week Friday Classes 10/18/2019 10/25/2019 11/29/2019 12/13/2019
2nd 8-Week Saturday Classes 10/19/2019 10/26/2019 11/30/2019 12/14/2019
2nd 8-Week Monday Classes 10/21/2019 10/28/2019 11/25/2019 12/09/2019
2nd 8-Week Online Classes 10/21/2019 10/27/2019 11/24/2019 12/14/2019
2nd 8-Week Tuesday Classes 10/22/2019 10/29/2019 11/26/2019 12/10/2019
4-Week Classes 11/11/2019 11/12/2019 11/24/2019 12/13/2019


Winterim 2019 Start Date Last Date to Add/Drop Last Date to Withdraw with W End Date
3-Week Online Classes 12/16/2019 12/17/2019 01/01/山东11选5走势图 01/03/山东11选5走势图


Spring 山东11选5走势图 Start Date Last Date to Add/Drop Last Date to Withdraw with W End Date
15-Week Classes 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/17/山东11选5走势图 03/27/山东11选5走势图 04/24/山东11选5走势图
15-Week Online Classes 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/12/山东11选5走势图 03/29/山东11选5走势图 04/25/山东11选5走势图
Winter Doctoral Quarter 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/10/山东11选5走势图 03/08/山东11选5走势图 03/28/山东11选5走势图
12-Week Classes 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/10/山东11选5走势图 03/06/山东11选5走势图 03/27/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Online Classes 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/12/山东11选5走势图 02/09/山东11选5走势图 02/29/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Monday Classes 01/06/山东11选5走势图 01/13/山东11选5走势图 02/10/山东11选5走势图 02/24/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Tuesday Classes 01/07/山东11选5走势图 01/14/山东11选5走势图 02/11/山东11选5走势图 02/25/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Wednesday Classes 01/08/山东11选5走势图 01/15/山东11选5走势图 02/12/山东11选5走势图 02/26/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Thursday Classes 01/09/山东11选5走势图 01/16/山东11选5走势图 02/13/山东11选5走势图 02/27/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Friday Classes 01/10/山东11选5走势图 01/17/山东11选5走势图 02/14/山东11选5走势图 02/28/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Saturday Classes 01/11/山东11选5走势图 01/18/山东11选5走势图 02/15/山东11选5走势图 02/29/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Online Classes 03/02/山东11选5走势图 03/08/山东11选5走势图 04/05/山东11选5走势图 04/25/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Monday Classes 03/02/山东11选5走势图 03/09/山东11选5走势图 04/06/山东11选5走势图 04/20/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Tuesday Classes 03/03/山东11选5走势图 03/10/山东11选5走势图 04/07/山东11选5走势图 04/21/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Wednesday Classes 03/04/山东11选5走势图 03/11/山东11选5走势图 04/08/山东11选5走势图 04/22/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Thursday Classes 03/05/山东11选5走势图 03/12/山东11选5走势图 04/09/山东11选5走势图 04/23/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Friday Classes 03/06/山东11选5走势图 03/13/山东11选5走势图 04/10/山东11选5走势图 04/24/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Saturday Classes 03/07/山东11选5走势图 03/14/山东11选5走势图 04/11/山东11选5走势图 04/25/山东11选5走势图
4-Week Classes 03/30/山东11选5走势图 03/31/山东11选5走势图 04/10/山东11选5走势图 04/24/山东11选5走势图
Spring Doctoral Quarter 03/30/山东11选5走势图 04/03/山东11选5走势图 05/31/山东11选5走势图 06/20/山东11选5走势图


Summer 山东11选5走势图 Start Date Last Date to Add/Drop Last Date to Withdraw with W End Date
3-Week Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 04/28/山东11选5走势图 05/12/山东11选5走势图 05/14/山东11选5走势图
15-Week Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 05/08/山东11选5走势图 07/17/山东11选5走势图 08/14/山东11选5走势图
15-Week Online Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 05/03/山东11选5走势图 07/19/山东11选5走势图 08/15/山东11选5走势图
1st 4-Week Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 04/28/山东11选5走势图 05/10/山东11选5走势图 05/21/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Online Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 05/03/山东11选5走势图 05/31/山东11选5走势图 06/20/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Monday Classes 04/27/山东11选5走势图 05/04/山东11选5走势图 06/01/山东11选5走势图 06/15/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Tuesday Classes 04/28/山东11选5走势图 05/05/山东11选5走势图 06/02/山东11选5走势图 06/16/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Wednesday Classes 04/29/山东11选5走势图 05/06/山东11选5走势图 06/03/山东11选5走势图 06/17/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Thursday Classes 04/30/山东11选5走势图 05/07/山东11选5走势图 06/04/山东11选5走势图 06/18/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Friday Classes 05/01/山东11选5走势图 05/08/山东11选5走势图 06/05/山东11选5走势图 06/19/山东11选5走势图
1st 8-Week Saturday Classes 05/02/山东11选5走势图 05/09/山东11选5走势图 06/06/山东11选5走势图 06/20/山东11选5走势图
1st 5-Week Day Classes 06/01/山东11选5走势图 06/02/山东11选5走势图 06/16/山东11选5走势图 07/03/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Online Classes 06/01/山东11选5走势图 06/07/山东11选5走势图 07/05/山东11选5走势图 07/25/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Monday Classes 06/01/山东11选5走势图 06/08/山东11选5走势图 07/06/山东11选5走势图 07/20/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Tuesday Classes 06/02/山东11选5走势图 06/09/山东11选5走势图 07/07/山东11选5走势图 07/21/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Wednesday Classes 06/03/山东11选5走势图 06/10/山东11选5走势图 07/08/山东11选5走势图 07/22/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Thursday Classes 06/04/山东11选5走势图 06/11/山东11选5走势图 07/09/山东11选5走势图 07/23/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Friday Classes 06/05/山东11选5走势图 06/12/山东11选5走势图 07/10/山东11选5走势图 07/24/山东11选5走势图
8-Week Late Saturday Classes 06/06/山东11选5走势图 06/13/山东11选5走势图 07/11/山东11选5走势图 07/25/山东11选5走势图
Summer Doctoral Quarter 06/22/山东11选5走势图 06/26/山东11选5走势图 08/23/山东11选5走势图 09/12/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Online Classes 06/22/山东11选5走势图 06/28/山东11选5走势图 07/26/山东11选5走势图 08/15/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Monday Classes 06/22/山东11选5走势图 06/29/山东11选5走势图 07/27/山东11选5走势图 08/10/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Tuesday Classes 06/23/山东11选5走势图 06/30/山东11选5走势图 07/28/山东11选5走势图 08/11/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Wednesday Classes 06/24/山东11选5走势图 07/01/山东11选5走势图 07/29/山东11选5走势图 08/12/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Thursday Classes 06/25/山东11选5走势图 07/02/山东11选5走势图 07/30/山东11选5走势图 08/13/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Friday Classes 06/26/山东11选5走势图 07/03/山东11选5走势图 07/31/山东11选5走势图 08/14/山东11选5走势图
2nd 8-Week Saturday Classes 06/27/山东11选5走势图 07/04/山东11选5走势图 08/01/山东11选5走势图 08/15/山东11选5走势图
2nd 5-Week Day Classes 07/06/山东11选5走势图 07/07/山东11选5走势图 07/21/山东11选5走势图 08/06/山东11选5走势图
2nd 4-Week Classes 07/20/山东11选5走势图 07/21/山东11选5走势图 08/02/山东11选5走势图 08/14/山东11选5走势图